The Grade 10 Canadian History students well be writing a test on December 14. It will cover:

  • The turmoil of moving to a peace-time economy after WW1 [labour and veteran unrest, The Winnipeg General Strike and the Spanish Flu
  • The Roaring 2os – Life and technology that came with the advances in industry and manufacturing [Radio, Cinema, home appliances, the automobile]
  • The Causes of the Depression put in place by consumers, governments and manufacturers in the 1920s
  • The Great Depression – the economic and environmental conditions, growing unemployment and the reaction of society [This includes the On To Ottawa Trek]
  • The Golden Age of Aviation and the challenges of long distance travel – Charles Lindbergh, zeppelins and China Clippers




Students will be writing a quiz a Unit Three test on December 14/15. This test will cover:

  • Darwin, Wegener and their impact on geology, science and our perception of earth history
  • The four geological eras – lengths, major events
  • Earthquakes and Volcanos – types and general locations
  • Landforms of Canada – locations and general appearance


We continued our examination on the myth of Troy with a brief examination of the evidence that points to the existence of this mythical city. We also looked at the credibility of its main archeological proponent, Heinrich Schliemann: a man whose findings have been undermined by his own questionable actions and career choices. This was followed by the screening of the movie Troy.


We continued to look at the Canadian Charter of Rights with partner assignments started last week. We also discussed some case studies and considered the recent news stories about how the charter should or could apply to Canadians involved in terrorist organizations abroad.


This week we wrapped up the 1920s and 1930s focus with a look at the conditions of The Great Depression as well as the On To Ottawa Trek that transpired as Canadian workers’ desperation grew. In addition, the class examined the evolution of aviation with a look at Charles Lindbergh, zeppelins and long-range China Clippers.


This week was dedicated to individual Powerpoint/Infographic presentations on a specific earthquake or volcano assigned by the teacher. This assignment will be due on December 14/15 depending on the students’ timetables.


This week the focus was on the Mycenaeans. In addition to an examination of the archeological evidence that built our view of this civilization, we looked at why this civilization might have been drawn to the region where historians believe Troy might have existed.